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Are You Eligible to Seek Expungement in Atlanta and DeKalb County?

Expungement paperwork and scaleThere are many factors taken into consideration when attempting to have a criminal record expunged in Georgia.

Some of the criteria that allows for eligibility are when you:

  • Can prove that your record is not accurate
  • Have no charges pending against you and have not been charged for any other offense in the past 5 years
  • Were released by the arresting agency without being prosecuted or the charges were dismissed
  • Were charged as a juvenile

However, there are many exceptions to these conditions. You may not be able to pursue an expungement if:

  • You entered into a plea agreement for the offense
  • The government or a material witness was kept from introducing evidence or testifying
  • The court decided not to pursue charges to preserve judicial resources
  • You have a pattern of criminal activity
  • The offense was a DUI, sex crime, or traffic infraction

How to Expunge a Criminal Record in Georgia

The first step is to complete Section One of the three-paged Georgia Request for Expungement form. Next, the form must be taken to the arresting agency who completes Section Two. Lastly, the prosecutor either approves or denies the request in Section Three.

If your request for expungement is approved:

  • Records will be erased from the arresting agency's database
  • Fingerprint cards, photographs, and any documents that relate solely to you will be destroyed
  • Things that cannot be physically destroyed or that must be retained for other reasons will be held on restricted access

Fulton County Criminal Defense Representation

If your record is expunged, you are legally able to state that you were never convicted of the crime on any application for employment, license, or other civil rights or privileges. This can have a radical and life-changing impact on your future pursuits.

The former elected District Attorney Robert James has the experience necessary to provide professional counsel during this complicated process and help you walk through the steps. He is backed by the resources and legal team needed to take on tough cases.

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