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Daniels & James Law Offices realizes the heightened gravity of cases involving juveniles. When the future of a child is determined by the outcome of the case, you cannot afford to simply hope for the best. You need a plan crafted by someone with seasoned experience.

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Juvenile Court Jurisdiction

Offenses committed prior to a child’s 17th birthday can be tried in juvenile court. There is no minimum age that a child can be adjudicated delinquent. After the age of 17, the person will be charged in adult court. However, there are cases when the youth is tried as an adult before their 17th birthday.

In Georgia, this can happen in one of two ways:

  • Discretionary transfer – When a youth between the ages of 13-15 commits a crime that would be considered a felony if committed by an adult
  • Statutory exclusion – When a child between the ages of 13-17 commits a felony with an extremely aggravated level of violence

One of the most important distingushing factors that separates juvenile courts from adult courts is their dedication to privacy. While in adult courts the proceedings are open to the public, the only people allowed in a juvenile court are those directly involved in the judicial process.

Pre-Trial Resolution

Another significant difference is that generally, legal representation is given an opportunity to meet with the prosecutor to resolve the case before going to trial. This is a key moment to secure an outcome for the accused that enables them to stay in school and work on assimilating back into society without a dramatic disruption of their life.

School Board Advocacy

Lastly, our criminal defense lawyers are able to work on our client’s behalf with their school board. Unfortunately, in many cases schools seek to suspend or expel children who are charged with a crime. However, it is oftentimes possible to negotiate with the board and come to a resolution that allows for the child to continue receiving an education and avoid further legal trouble.

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When your child’s future is at stake, it is essential to find a criminal defense lawyer that is compassionate in his dealings with your child while aggressive in the courts. Daniels & James Law Office knows how to defend clients facing serious criminal charges.

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